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20 July 2020:  Coach Tate Real Estate, a division of Coach Tate National Educational Athletic Association Corporation (CTNEAS), is pleased to announce the official appointment of the leadership of Phrantceena T. Halres, to lead its expansion Real Estate Division, by a unanimous vote, at its July 15, 2020 Board of Directors meeting held in Jacksonville, Florida.


Phrantceena is a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida, with over 30 years of experience in architecture, infrastructure development & growth of people and processes within local disenfranchised multi-culture communities in five Southern states (NC, SC, GA, AL, MISS., now FL).


“Her work has proven to increase peaceful prosperity, across various disciplines of targeted industries. The measured outcomes produce a sustainable family community economic development, security, and growth business model, which results in a positive performance, profits and productivity of the people and its public and private local partners”, says Executive Director, Mr. Meimaridis.


“Phrantceenas’ tenacity and passion to Preserve, Restore & Grow historical residential, commercial and intellectual property by, of & for the people, living & working within local disenfranchised multicultural communities is a key tenet she brings to our community development programs & services says board member”, Ms. Daphne Gilbert.


Coach Tate Real Estate’s Community Development is focused on “Affordable Ecofriendly New Build”, residential, commercial, , and intellectual property, particularly for seniors and children; work and supplier force growth & development for our next generation.


The Coach Tate Fund for Real Estate Land & Housing Acquisition & Development & Growth includes receipt of public and private donations of suitable land and property, both commercial, residential and intellectual property.


To learn how you can be a part of the Coach Tate Real Estate program and service,

Call 904-330-8646 




Mountain office at 828- 827-1353; 521 College Street, Asheville, NC 28801

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