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Strategic Education and Entrepreneurial

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Coach Tate National Educational Athletic Association Corporation dba Coach Tate Foundation’s


      Sources and Uses of Funds


Strategic Education, Employment, Entrepreneurial, Estate Development

  • Family Land and housing, obtain, retain, maintain, sustain and grow; preservation, restoration and new build

  • The New Workforce Development (behavior & situational based training)

  • Entrepreneur and Small Business, MWBE & Veterans Employment and Business Service Contracts for a Product and Service

  • Holistic Healthcare Healing

  • Agriculture, Culinary, Food – Farm to Table Academy

  • Family Ministry, prayer, counseling, mentor, advisor, bible studies,

  • Family-Children’s Law Academy, Basics for multicultural multilingual multinational family

  • Day and Senior Care and Champion Programs

  • Mobile Programs & Services, We Come to YOU!

  • Media Broadcasting Academy

Strategic Education Certification for The New Workforce Development in three specific areas: Security, Safety and Protection: Cyber, Drone, Maritime and Nuclear. Learn to Earn Industry Accredited Certification (Learn and Earn); upon completion sign up for employment as a W-2 employee, 1099 – Independent Contractor, Self-employed, 35-45 hours per week, depending on position type for employer.


Entrepreneur and Business Ownership Development of Products & Services Academy; Intellectual Property Protections


Real Estate Programs & Services Academy: Land and Housing, Property & Community Development, strategic education, counseling, advisors from open to close of projects as described, preservation and restoration of historical properties and land; new home build “ecofriendly” environmentally friendly development; affordable housing


CIESAM Campus of Restoration and Growth for Sustainable Economic Security and Development of local multicultural family populations within local communities for the holistic growth and development of all stakeholders


COACH TATE NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CORPORATION, AKA Coach Tate Foundation, a federally registered 501c3 nonprofit charity since 2010, is now hiring: 100 percent Commission-Performance Based, Work From Home, Fundraising Representatives for Coach Tate Foundation’s ongoing 1099 staff of operations, programs and services for the greater community, focused on the family and rural communities within multi-culture, multi-lingual, multi-national populations.


Our Stay at Home Fundraising Campaign, Get Started Today and Earn Your 20% Performance Based Commission, Email your name, phone number, address, email address, your availability of time and we will get you started with coaching over the phone.


Email: or Call 904-234-6970 and speak with Demetrios Meimaridis, directly.


The Fundraising Campaign includes a “variety” of programs and services for you to select from: you select one or more that fits your passion and purpose for the shared vision and missions utilizing your gifts and talents where you make a “value add” contribution; as you benefit the charity and yourselves, by earning a responsible focused mission driven commission, reflective on your intent and efforts. You may choose or select all programs listed below:


1. Culinary Arts, Catering, Feeding, Food & Drink Distributors, Farm to Table


2. Health & Wellness Programs & Services Academy


3. Community Communications Media Broadcasting & Journalism Academy; Empower Family Talk Radio

Broadcast on Praise 107.9 Jacksonville, Florida


4. Art & Design, Sculptor, Learn2Earn, for Children


5. Family Focused Ministry of Bible Study & Teaching, Prayer and Counsel


6. Real Estate Education Services, empowered education from leaders in community the Family’s Estate and Wealth Legacy Estate Planning


7. Acquisition of an identified income producing physical brick and mortar location to HOUSE the charity’s core staff and its various operations, programs and services;


8. Children’s Law Academy, designed to empower the family with legal education on the families unique cultural situations within their communities & schools, workplaces and business ventures.


9. Transportation Mobile Services, designed to pickup and drop-off children and family members to their destinations safely


10. The New Entrepreneur and Workforce Development program design as a Learn2Earn strategic sustainable growth for both


11. The Coach Tate Fund for Land and Housing Family Development for Sustainable economic growth


Work from Home, Keep it Simple, Call on those family, friends, colleagues, you know and invite them to support a noteworthy charity and its local programs here in Jacksonville, Florida


For Students: We provide letters to the schools & corporations that need a “tracking record” of your volunteer time with the Coach Tate Foundation for your academic & community service credits?

Fundraising from HOME Goals


• You set the goal; you get what you put into it; the reward you will receive for your performance is 20 percent of paid supporter amount, that YOU secured. (I.e., if you raise $500 USA you will receive $125) 1099


• We will provide you with information needed, online and offline.


• We look forward to your participation in support of our Coach Tate National Educational Athletic Association Corporation aka Coach Tate Foundation, Right from your Home!


• All Supporters from public, private individuals and corporations; for profit and not for profit organizations, Grants are welcomed! Grantors and Contributors will receive updated newsletters depicting the beneficiaries (ROI) of their gift offerings investments, with other special invitations to ongoing charity fundraising events scheduled when permitted within guidelines of community service.


You may learn more about the Coach Tate National Educational Athletic Association Corporation aka Coach Tate Foundation at; LinkedIn and Facebook

Mailing Address for Receiving Gifts:
P.O. Box 551075, Jacksonville, Florida 32255


Phone: 904-990-0181
Fax: 904-990-0155


Mobile Phone for Executive Director, Demetrios Meimaridis: 904-234-6970
Mobile Phone for Chair of Board, Phrantceena: 904-330-8646

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